Well, since i was a kid, i have dreamed to be a writer someday. I have dreamed to write my life story into a novel. I have dreamed my life story will cheering someone out there. But, when i read my writings, i realize that i can’t write beautifully.

I found it’s so funny. It’s like i have an unreachable dream, and impossible to be true.

Somehow, until now, i am still dreaming about it and asking myself, “Can I?” or “Can’t I?”


68 days to wedding day.

Drowning in a super hectic time, while working and working and preparing, even the list is never getting done. Problems came and tripped me, and hope everything will getting done. Although, i know it will never getting done.

Today, i sold my car, my only savings i have, and i cried a lot. I am very pathetic, because i can’t support my family. I can’t give full amount of monthly allowance. It breaks my heart really hard.

After i calmed myself, i realize, maybe this scars will be healed someday. Even though it is not a perfect beautiful memory, and leave an imperfect scar. One day this scar will remind me, i can passed all the pain and i am still wonderfully delighted.

What doesn’t kills you makes you grateful.

Many things were passed by, sometimes I can hardly remember all things. Everything was so fast, and I can hardly enjoy it all. I found myself overwhelmed, even for breathing, kinda ironic life.

This week, I just lost my good colleague. She passed away, and left her two babies. I…

Don’t push too hard, if you don’t want to fall hard.

Don’t yell too loud, if you don’t want your ear to be hurt.

Don’t hope too big, if you don’t want to be disappointed.

Don’t throw any hate, if you don’t want your heart to be hurt.

If you don’t want to do something for yourself or anyone, don’t do it on behalf of someone.

Just abide, it is more than enough.